Subject Information

Welcome to the Highfields State Secondary College Subject Selection Portal.  Via the links below you will find a range of resources to assist in choosing elective subjects for the following year.

For each year level you will find an overall presentation, a copy of the relevant subject selection handbook, a copy of the subject lines and a link to OneSchool where you will actually choose the subjects you wish to study next year.  You will also find a link to each subject that is on offer.  In each of these links you will see a short presentation that captures some of the key information found in the subject selection book as well as some other pertinent information, sample assessment tasks and if relevant any other subject specific documents to assist in gauging if the subject is right for you. 

Choosing elective subjects for the following year is a big decision for all students and needs to be approached with an attitude of self-reflection and honesty.   There are many people that can assist in the subject selection process and it is not a task to be completed in isolation.  Talking over your potential choices with parents, current teachers and guidance officers allows you to think deeply on which subject may bring you the most success, enjoyment, challenge and engage you throughout the entire school year.

Should you have questions please do not hesitate to contact the College to speak to a specific teacher, Head of Department, Guidance Officer or Deputy Principal/Principal.