Highfields State Secondary College offers parents a convenient online platform portal to make better and more informed decisions about which laptops can be purchased to meet the schools requirements for BYOD.

Why Choose Our Vendors?

Our vendors offer a range of products that:

  • Meets HSSCs minimum specifications
  • Offer manufacturer extended warranties
  • Accidental Damage Protection
  • Flexible payment options
  • Provide on-site repairs
  • Free delivery

We do not make specific model recommendations, however, each device offered through our vendors have been approved by the school to ensure it meets our minimum specification requirements.

Parents are not obligated to purchase devices from the portal, and are welcome to seek devices from online and local department stores.

IMPORTANT: Vendor prices are for Business/Education grade devices. Business grade devices are sturdier with high quality componentry designed to have a longer life cycle than general consumer grade devices.

Benefits of a Vendor Purchase

Vendor Consumer
Included 3 Year Warranty 1 Year Statutory Warranty
ONSITE + 1 Business Day Repairs Return to manufacturer (2-6 week repairs)
Accidental Damage Cover (optional) Accidental cover not offered