Software Considerations

Please Note:

As of 2020, Education Queensland does not fully support Trend Micro anti-virus to operate within schools. We advise against purchasing this product.

Anti-Virus and Malware Protection

All Windows PCs come with basic protection (most will be bundled with a commercial product - YOU DO NOT NEED TO PURCHASE THIS, you can uninstall these products).

All student devices must be protected by a functional anti-virus to be permitted on our network. By default, all Windows 11 computers will have a copy of Microsoft Windows Defender.

Do I need to purchase a anti-virus?

No, as long as you have Windows 11, you do not need to buy an additional anti-virus, however, Windows Defender is not recognized as the most secure Anti-Virus protection.

What is the best anti-virus?

This can be a personal choice, there are many available and we will not make a recommendation for any specific product

For more information about which anti-virus least affects a computers performance, click here

For more information about which anti-virus performed the best, click here

Microsoft Office

All Queensland state school staff and students can now download multiple free copies of the latest Microsoft Office to their personal home computers and mobile devices.

Students and staff will need to use their school email address to sign in. Students who don’t have a school login, school email account and password should contact their school's Managed Internet Service (MIS) administrator or class teacher. The administrator will help students activate their school login.

Microsoft Office 365 is available for personal devices only, not devices owned by the department or part of a school network. Errors and conflicts will occur if Office 2016 is downloaded on departmental devices, as these devices already have a licenced copy of Microsoft Office.

Your Office subscription lasts for as long as you’re a Queensland state school student or school-based staff member.

Where do I get this free office?

During the schools onboarding process for the BYO device, we will install office for students. However, if you would like to access a copy of office from home for another machine using a students login credentials, access the site using http://owa.eq.edu.au, login using the student details and click the "Microsoft 365" icon in the top corner.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The school purchases a bulk license for the school, which allows us to offer students various Adobe Creative Cloud products on request.

The products which we can offer for free to students include:

  • Photoshop CC
  • Illustrator CC
  • InDesign CC
  • Dreamweaver CC

Media products such as Premier Pro CC are available at additional cost to students, however, this can only be purchased at the beginning of a school year and is offered only to Media students.

Students simply download the creative cloud products from home and can visit a school technician to make the trial versions licenses for 1 year.

For more information regarding installation of Adobe CC, click here

AutoDesk Products

AutoDesk offer their entire program catalogue for free if you are a student. The product files it creates are watermarked for educational use, but work exactly as a consumer and enterprise version works. There are no feature reductions and each product works perfectly for aspiring Design and Graphics students.

Some of the AutoDesk products we utilise in the Technology department (Graphics), include:

  • AutoCAD
  • Inventor
  • Revit

For more information regarding accessing educational licenses for AutoDesk, click here

Visual Studio

IT subjects utilise Visual Studio to develop C# applications. Visual Studio is a free product offered by Microsoft to engage learners in the world of software development. If your student is undertaking study in ICT from Years 9 and up, Visual Studio is a must.

Click here to access a free copy of Visual Studio