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Assembly News for 15th February 2017

Assembly : Wednesday, 15th February 2017
Assembly was opened by HOD, Ms Sara Abawi and the National Anthem was sung.
Ms Abawi introduced Senior Constable Chris Brameld from Highfields Police.
 Senior Constable Chris Brameld
Snr Const Brameld spoke about student conduct on the roads whilst travelling to and from school. He mentioned that the police have had a number of complaints from concerned members of the public about how HSSC children are crossing the roads and their general lack of traffic awareness.  Because the HSSC uniform is clear and distinctive and well known in Highfields, if only takes one person doing the wrong thing to give our school a bad name.
Students were reminded by Snr Const Brameld that he visited the school on the same issue last year and that they are all old enough to be more aware of their personal safety. He also stressed that he would hate to be called to an accident involving one of our children (or anyone).  He said an accident is also a dreadful experience for observers, not to mention the effects on family and the school community as a whole. Being mindful about safety at school, travelling on the bus, keeping clear of the edge of the road so no-one stumbles, having a general awareness and upholding our school values of responsibility and respect should help keep students safe.
Snr Const Brameld also requested students be similarly vigilant and report matters to him, their parents or school staff that may be of concern.  Things they might notice on their way to or from school regarding the public/strangers however they are not to put themselves at personal risk, but if they report an issue, try and give as many details as possible.  Remember to “keep safe out there”. 
Deputy Principal – Mr Dan Norris
Assessment Planner Schedules:  Mr Norris stressed the importance of Assessment Planner Schedules. They are a schedule of student assessments and assignments so that they can plan their time based on when work is due in.  Mr Norris said it is important that if students need an extension, they request it BEFORE the due date.  Students will have a good idea how they are going based on their completion of drafts etc.  If students lose their Assessment Planner, a copy is available through One School and how to access this and/or their timetable will be published in the next newsletter.
Deputy Principal – Mrs Jane Kennedy
Form Captain Nomination Forms: Voting is occurring next week so forms need to be handed in by Friday this week.
Assembly was closed by Mrs Kennedy.