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Assembly News for 12th July 2017

Assembly : Wednesday, 12th July 2017
Assembly was opened by Deputy Principal, Mrs Jayne Kennedy.
Mrs Kennedy welcomed the students from Meishu Hitachi High School, their Principal Mr Akira Nakahara and their Head English Teacher, Mr Takash Watahiki who are visiting our school from Monday this week until Wednesday, 19th July.  Mr Nakahara, their Principal then addressed our College.
Mrs Barker welcomed the visiting students and their teachers to our College then introduced our Schools Officers and Cleaners to the students. Mrs Barker explained the roles and responsibilities of the Schools Officers and the Cleaners and advised students why the cleaners work a split shift by arriving at 5.00am and departing at 6.00pm. This is in order to not interrupt student learning. Mrs Barker explained that although time is not allocated for picking up rubbish, each cleaner spends up to 45minutes per day picking up rubbish because there is so much litter left lying around by students.  Our cleaners are very proud of our school and do not want to leave it untidy so spend too much time picking up litter, especially around the canteen area.
Students were then advised what various types of vandalism that have been occurring around the College and how costly some of these acts of vandalism are. Mrs Barker also described the state of the toilets, particularly the boy’s toilets. Some of the activities occurring are disgusting and unhygienic.  Students were advised that if these behaviours continue then the cleaners may have to wear gumboots to clean the toilet areas. Mrs Barker advised that in some countries cleaning the school is the job of the students and how lucky our students are that we have cleaners, so we need to respect them and the job they do. Examples were then provided regarding how wasting school resources impacts on student learning e.g.
Paper Towels – 1,280 packets per year (Replacement cost $4,500); Toilet Rolls – 5,760 rolls per year (Replacement cost $4,200); and Soap for the Soap Dispenser per year – (Replacement cost $4,000). These items are provided by the school at a cost of $12,600 per year. (Some schools do not provide soap or hand towels). If we continue to waste these cleaning resources then we lose out in our learning areas e.g. purchasing new equipment like a new desk $200, chair $80, ipad $500, saxophone $2,000, 10 x Javelins $500.  We will not be able to buy these items if we have to spend more on cleaning materials.
Mrs Barker requested students who notice any acts of vandalism occurring around the College to use the school anonymous reporting system, ‘STYMIE’ to report damage.  STYMIE is not just for reporting bullying.  One of our school rules is, “Take care of each other” and we need to take care of our cleaners by reporting any acts of vandalism.
A perimeter black fence surrounding our college was erected at a cost of $300,000.  Its purpose is to keep the school safe from external factors, however unfortunately damage is being caused by people who have a right to be here, and not by any external factors. This is of concern.
New building works will soon commence and students are asked to stay away from the construction site which has been fenced off.  There will be fewer gardens around the new buildings as students have not treated the existing gardens with due care.
Mrs Barker ended with a story called, “The Cleaning Lady”.  It is about the importance of remembering people’s names and treating people with respect.
Mrs Kennedy handed over to Acting Head of Department for HPE, Mr Gregg Dean.

Mr Dean asked if any students were involved in representative sport over the holidays to please let him know. 
Wednesday afternoon sport - students involved in the musical were requested to go to “P” Block at the end of second break and all other students were asked to meet in the undercover area to be allocated their activity for the afternoon.
Year 10 students in attendance today were asked to stay briefly after Assembly.
Assembly was closed by Mrs Kennedy.