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Assembly News for 11th October 2017

Assembly : Wednesday, 11th October 2017
Assembly was opened by Deputy Principal – Mr Dan Norris
Early Arrival to Assembly: Mr Norris asked that students move promptly to the undercover area on Wednesday mornings so that assembly can start on time.
School Policy regarding Physical Contact: Mr Norris talked about how it is inappropriate to engage in socially unacceptable physical contact whilst in school uniform, whether it be on campus or in public spaces.  Teachers have been requested to send any students participating in such behaviours to Administration.
Another serious issue of unwanted physical contact was also clarified to students. Mr Norris requested any students who observe this behaviour as a bystander to report it immediately to one of the Deputy Principals.
Congregating outside the Uniform Shop: Students who have been congregating outside the Uniform Shop have been requested to move inside the school gates.  This area is out of bounds before and after school and parents/carers need to be able to access the Uniform Shop easily.  Students who continue to congregate in this area will have their parents contacted.
Parent/Teacher Interviews: Mr Norris thanked the students who attended these interviews with their parents/carers yesterday.  He encouraged students to be active in their education over the next 8 weeks by using the feedback received from their teachers; being on time to classes; completing work assigned on time and by being active participants in class.
Solid Pathways: Mrs Menkins awarded Mollie Scofield with a Certificate of Participation for her involvement in the Critical and Creative Thinking Program 2017.  This program will certainly help Mollie develop her career pathways.
Year 10 Business Students: Students from Year 10 Business classes recently participated in the ‘2017 Plan Your Own Enterprise’ competition run by CPA Australia.  Two groups of students were fortunate to receive high commendations for their business plans.  Emily Hooper and Maddie (no media permission for surname) with ‘The Walking School Bus’ and Kacey McGinn and Amara Phillips with ‘In the Groove’. Mrs Menkins and Mrs May are very proud of these students and were informed that the quality of the business plans presented by our students this year was ‘astounding’.
2018 Schools STEM Camp: Mr Brett Odell, Head of Department ITD requested certain students meet him at first break in K16 regarding the upcoming 2018 camp.
Photographs from today’s assembly will appear in this week’s newsletter.
Assembly was closed by Mr Norris.