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Assembly News dated 19th July 2017

Assembly : Wednesday, 19th July 2017
Assembly was opened by Acting Deputy Principal, Mrs Victoria Menkins.
Mrs Menkins welcomed all staff and students for attending our special farewell assembly for the Meishu Hitachi High School students, their Principal Mr Akira Nakahara and their Head English Teacher, Mr Takash Watahiki. The nine students that have been attending our college over the past week and a half are from Hitachi City in Japan.  Their high school in Japan has only three grades (10, 11 and 12) and has over 1,000 students. The Japanese students have been integrated into the classrooms here at HSSC and have enjoyed some other experiences outside the classroom e.g. lamington icing and visiting Dreamworld on the Gold Coast during their stay.
Mrs Menkins thanked all our college buddies and their families for hosting these students and for providing them the opportunity to be involved with other activities on the weekend. Buddy students were then requested to introduce each of the Japanese students and then the two principals, Mrs Barker and Mr Nakahara (with the help of Mrs Sharma) presented the Japanese students with a Certificate of Appreciation and a thank you gift.
Buddy students for 2017 were Sam Balarezo, Kate Beahan, Callum Blokland, Chloe Gray, Meaghan Levis, Chelsea Maddern, Sarah Maunder, Tahlia Southwell and Tamika Swain.
The Principal and Head English Teacher of Meishu Hitachi High School were also presented with a Certificate of Appreciation and a thank you gift by Mrs Barker. The Japanese students then sang their school song to the students of HSSC as a thank you and farewell.
Mrs Barker reiterated what Mrs Menkins had said earlier and thanked all students for joining our classes and wished them safe travels. Mrs Barker asked HSSC students to consider the language barrier the Japanese students had to deal with whilst visiting a foreign country. HSSC students were also made aware of how much support and organising of events goes on behind the scenes by staff and P&C.  Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Sharma and Mrs Maunder from the P&C have all played an integral role in this study tour visiting our college and without this support and organising events like this would not happen.
All participants in this study tour were invited to a farewell lunch at second break.
Photographs from today’s assembly will appear in this week’s newsletter.
Assembly was closed by Mrs Barker.