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Assembly News Dated 29th November 2017

Assembly : Wednesday, 29th November 2017
Assembly was opened by Deputy Principal : Mrs Jayne Kennedy
End of Term: Students were reminded to continue to respect our school values up until the end of term. There are only 8 school days left and Mrs Kennedy wants the year to end on a positive note without any suspensions occurring.  Mrs Kennedy mentioned that there will be a special event occurring on the last day of school. More information will be available early next week.
Values Certificates: Mrs Prior awarded Values Certificates for ‘Taking Care of this Place’ to the following students who were asked to pick up rubbish around the school after our last Red Food Day.  All these students did so without complaining and put a lot of effort into making the school clean.  Well done to Jamie Kuhn, Byron Edwards, Charlotte Hare, Mia McEwan, Mia Watson, Carly Simpson, Toby Ehrlich, Mac Allen, Paris Strong, Chelsie Togni, Eleanor Gutierrez-Rea, Alex Edwards, Mitchell Eastment, Joseph Kilpatrick, Sam O’Neill, Cameron Love, Will Nielsen and Eryn Gregory.  
Dance-Off Competition: Mr Marty James invited staff and students to attend the Dance-Off Competition that will be held at 11:15am during periods 3 and 4 next Wednesday, 6th December in the undercover area near the canteen.  The best dance group from each of the Year 8 classes will be performing along with the HPE Faculty.  There will also be some games to participate in and everyone who attends will get to vote for the best dance group for 2017.  Last year’s winners will also be performing.
Wednesday Afternoon Sport: Students were requested to meet in their classrooms this afternoon when the bell rings. There will be an alternative program being run if the weather continues to deteriorate.
STEP Donations:  Students were once again requested to bring in any donations of old sporting equipment or clothing to help support the para-olympians from the Oceania region that are competing in next years Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.  All donations are to be clean/washed and to be delivered to the college by no later than Wednesday next week (i.e. 6th December).  These donations will be delivered to Griffith Sports College next Thursday when the STEP Sports Program visit Griffith University.
2018 STEP Sports Program: 2018 candidates have been selected and will be announced shortly. This year we received nearly 50 applications with 23 interviews being conducted.  A big thank you to all students who were involved in this process.
Duke of Edinburgh Program for 2018: Students participating in this program next year were requested to remain behind after assembly to collect documentation from Mrs Menkins.
School Rules: Ms Barker requested students follow Mrs Kennedy’s earlier request. She reminded students ‘that every day counts’ and that students are expected to be attending, participating and behaving until the last day of school on Friday, 8th December.  Our school rules and values apply up until everyone gets home after that day.  Ms Barker asked that all students put in their best effort and enjoy their last 8 days of this year. 
Photographs from today’s assembly will appear in next week’s newsletter.
Assembly was closed by Ms Barker