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Assembly News Dated 21st February 2018

Assembly : Wednesday, 21st February 2018
Assembly was opened by Mrs Menkins.
Mrs Menkins reminded students to be organised during assembly of a Wednesday morning, and to take up as little room as possible to fit all form classes in, and also to be mindful of other staff and students due to the weather this week.
Josh Arnold Project: Ms Abawi introduced Josh Arnold who said that it was fantastic to be here collaborating with students to write the HSSC school song. Students took ownership of the song, truly making it a song for HSSC, by HSSC. The song is being filmed Thursday and Friday of this week and should be launched by the end of Term 1 on social media i.e. YouTube and Facebook. Students are encouraged to share with family, friends and associates after the launch. During 2nd break today, as many students as possible were asked to report to the PAC for filming. Students are required to have media permission and be wearing a sports uniform.
School Documentary: Ms Abawi reminded School Leaders, House Leaders and narrators for the school documentary that there is a meeting Thursday 2nd break.
Duke of Edinburgh Journey: Last weekend nine Year 10 students participated in the Duke of Edinburgh Journey.  They have now qualified for the next round which will be happening in May. Activities were held at Lake Somerset and included camping, cooking, canoeing, navigation skills and hiking.
Litter on school grounds: Mr Pukallas reminded students about litter being left in the school grounds. Students are asked to follow the school rule of ‘take care of this place’ and ‘take care of yourself’ by placing rubbish in the bins provided. If the bins are full students are to report it, so it can be dealt with.
Non-school Jumpers: Mr Pukallas commented on the recent cool weather. Students who do not own a school jumper were encouraged to discuss this with their parents and to organise the purchase of a school jumper from either Hannas or the Uniform Shop at the school. A note from home is needed, with an expected purchase date, if non-uniform jackets are worn.
Interschool Sport: Mr James reminded students who participate in Netball and Touch to return permission notes for the bus. Without it, students cannot board the bus and will have to remain at the school. INZ Cluster 2 trials are on this Friday at the Rec Centre for basketball and Highfields Sports Precinct for netball and soccer.
College Leaders: Mrs Rose requested these students to remain behind in the undercover area after assembly.
Assembly was closed by Mrs Menkins