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Assembly News Dated 13th June 2018

Assembly was opened by Mrs Kennedy.
Certificate II in Rural Operations - Ag Training: Andrew Williams and Zane Kitchener were acknowledged for recently completing this Certificate.  Well done to both boys in making positive steps towards their future.
Certificate of Attendance: Walker Taylor was acknowledged for his enrolment and attendance in the Solid Pathways – Indigenous Program. Congratulations Walker for also making positive steps towards your future career path.
ArTECH Day: Students were reminded that they need to have their nominations in by this Friday, 15th June.  Students not competing also need to nominate where they plan on being a spectator for each session.  Form Teachers or Mr Bishop can answer any questions about the day.
Additional Uniform Items: Ms Barker informed students that a new grey formal blazer has been approved by the Uniform Committee.  Ms Barker then revealed the various designs available for our proposed school tie.  There are three different options being considered and students will be given the opportunity to vote on which formal tie they prefer in next week’s Well-being class.
OPTION 1 – Business style tie in grey or teal (for boys and girls);
OPTION 2 – Pre-knotted business tie (girls only); or
OPTION 3 – Criss-crossed style (girls only).
School Values and ‘Our Brand’:  Ms Barker considered it timely to remind students how important it is to demonstrate our school values at all times, but especially when we are out and about within the community.  Ms Barker feels very proud when she represents our College in the community and feels it is imperative that all our students feels the same way.  Our school values of Kindness, Persistence, Resilience, Respect and Responsibility are not just words. They are ‘our brand’ and we all need to demonstrate these values through our actions and decisions.  
Students need to think longer term and realise that if they are looking for a traineeship or a job within the Highfields community, they need to feel proud that they belong to the College community and that our values are being upheld by all students attending this College.
Year 10 and 11 Exam Block: Mr Norris informed students that R Block is the main venue for the exam block which commences tomorrow and will run until Wednesday next week.  Some classes in P Block may also be affected however all room changes will be on Student Notices and are listed on both entrances to R Block.  Students in Years 7-9 were requested to stay away from the area around R Block whilst exams are in progress and to limit the amount of movement during class times. 
The Canteen will be open longer for students in exam block (from first break until second break) and the Resource Centre will be utilised as a study area for those students.  Students in exam block were reminded that they are being trusted to be responsible young adults and to utilise their time productively when not on campus.
Assembly was closed by Mr Norris.