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Assembly Highlights

Assembly – Tuesday, 16th February 2016
Deputy Principal, Jayne Kennedy
Ø  Two serious messages for students this week –
1.        Parkour is banned. It always has been banned and will continue to be banned.  Handstands and cartwheels are also banned.
None of these activities are allowed during break times, especially not on the oval.  Students need to be respectful of our College values and not participate in these activities.
2.       Sun Safety.  All students are requested to wear hats.  If a teacher asks you to wear a hat, we are not being mean, we are trying to stop skin cancers from forming later on in your life.  Mrs Kennedy explained her own personal experience this week about having a skin cancer removed from her face and that is why she has 15 stitches in her chin at present.  She told students that the skin cancer was formed when she was between the ages of 13-18.  Hence the importance of wearing a hat now.
From next week everyone needs to have a hat.  They can be purchased from the Uniform Shop or Hanna’s.  If you lose your hat, check Lost Property.   
Sunscreen Stations are being set up around the College.  They will provide free sunscreen to all students to use for HPE and during break times.  Mrs Kennedy requested students to be respectful when using these stations and not waste the sunscreen.  Use the sunscreen sensibly and leave the station clean. 
Ø  Request from the cleaners and our Canteen Convenor, Jason is for students to be mindful of their rubbish and food scraps at all times.
Ø  Bus students need to get off the bus each morning and enter the school grounds straight away so we know where you are.  Students are not allowed to go to the shops because they are putting themselves at risk of ‘Stranger Danger’ and we can’t be responsible for you if you are not on the grounds.  You need to remember that your teal school uniform is easy to recognise by community members.
Ø  Reminder to students that behind the top oval is an out of bounds area during break times.  Also climbing on the roofs e.g. walkways is forbidden.  Students need to be very clear on what ‘is ok’ and what ‘isn’t ok’.
Year 9 Litter Patrol
Some Year 9 boys did a role play to enforce keeping our College ‘litter-free’.  The message was to enforce our College value of ‘Taking Care of this Place’ and their slogan was ‘If you Litter then you are a Quitter’.
Jamie Pukallus, HPE HOD
Ø  Mr Pukallus thanked the Year 9 boys for their message.
Ø  Swimming Carnival is this Thursday, 19th February.  Last year’s carnival was very successful at Highfields Aquatic Centre however this year due to the increase in numbers we are holding the carnival at Milne Bay Aquatic Centre.  Students will be transported by bus from 9:00am.  The process involved will be explained in morning notice tomorrow morning. Everyone needs to be aware of the routine on Thursday.
Students will go to Form, have the roll marked and then be put into groups for the bus.  Students swimming first will be the first to go on the bus.
Chisholm won three out of the four carnivals last year so we encourage lots of House Spirit  on the day.
The weather will be warm and we need to keep everyone safe so it is vitally important that all students ‘Slip Slop Slap’ throughout the day.
All nominations for events have been done.  Students need to check in form tomorrow so they know what events they are in.  Please see form teachers or Mr Pukallus if you don’t know what events you are in. 
Ø  Inner Downs Trials for Touch, Softball and Tennis are happening today.  Successful students will be recognised at next week’s assembly. 
Ø  We have 37 students nominated for Darling Downs trials at Oakey next Monday. These students need to see Mr Pukallus to collect permission notices at the end of this assembly.
Ø  Two students Lily and Tom Burns recently competed at the Junior State Championships for Athletics. Lily was successful in attaining a first place in the 400 metre event. Well done to both these students.  You can watch Lily on her YouTube clip.
Ø  Friday afternoon sports. Students need to be responsible and be with their correct group on time each week so they don’t hold everyone up.
Senior Constable Chris
Ø  Senior Constable Chris spoke to students on Assembly regarding being safe whilst walking and riding bikes to and from school.  The Police are here to enforce rules for your safety. Please remember: IF YOU WOULDN’T DO IT WITH SNR. CONST. CHRIS WATCHING – DON’T DO IT!
Snr. Const. Chris wants to give you a wave when he sees you, not deal with you.
Deputy Principal, Jayne Kennedy
Ø  During the Christmas holidays Mrs Kennedy had to deal with a serious tragedy that affected her family directly.  It involved the loss of life to somebody who was close to them. The reason Mrs Kennedy shared this story with the Assembly is to promote the message ‘Use your words not your fists’. Students have many people to talk to here at the College e.g. friends, teacher on playground duty, Form Teachers, Guidance Officer, Classroom Teachers, Deputy Principals and Heads of Department without the need to take action into their own hands.
The message to take away is ‘Use your words not your fists’.
Assembly was closed by Mrs Kennedy.